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TIOF Awards $7,000 in Research Grants in 2017

The board of The International Osprey Foundation voted unanimously in March to approve the following four grant applications totalling $7,000 for 2017:
* Avian Research and Conservation Institute — Re-establishing the Magnificent Frigatebird
Breeding Colonies in the Florida Keys — $2,000;
* Author Alan Poole, towards publication costs for a new book about ospreys worldwide — $2,000;
* Fundacion Migres, for Supporting Measures for Re-introduction of Osprey in Spain — $1,500; and
* Ghana Wildlife Society for Research on the Current Population of Ospreys on and along the
Volta Lake, Ghana — $1,500.
Applications for 2018 TIOF grants should be sent to The International Osprey Foundation, PO Box 250, Sanibel, FL 33957, USA by January 31, 2018.