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The International Osprey Foundation

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A new, live streaming osprey cam is revealing the secrets of the osprey pair who are making Ocean’s Reach their home for the 4th season. Mounted above the nesting platform, the camera showed the appearance of Egg #1 on Christmas. Egg #2 was laid the following day and now the pair is alternating sitting on three eggs. Tune in often to see the family change as the chicks are born, fed, and finally test their wings. Wild Osprey now in Live Streaming Video
The osprey pair that nests at Ocean’s Reach can’t hide any more. Their actions on the nest are covered by a live streaming video cam.
Ospreys are also known as fish eagles or sea hawks. Male and female are nearly identical, with the female having a stouter body and broader wings. Their golden brown eyes can see fish beneath the waves from heights of 130 feet (40 meters) above the ocean. And now we can watch them up close and personal.