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TIOF Osprey -Osprey Foundation grants
The International Osprey Foundation


To apply for a TIOF grant

Please write a letter explaining in detail
what you plan to do, where it will be
done, who will be involved and when
you plan to do the education campaign.
We are always interested in knowing
the estimated cost of the project and
whether it is a one-year or multi-year
project and what the other funding
sources might be. The more you tell us
about your project and your advisors,
the higher the probability of receiving
the grant.

Applications for 2018 TIOF grants should be sent to The International Osprey Foundation, PO Box 250, Sanibel, FL 33957, USA by January 31, 2018.

TIOF Awards $7,000 in Research Grants in 2017

The board of The International Osprey Foundation voted unanimously in March to approve the following four grant applications totalling $7,000 for 2017:
* Avian Research and Conservation Institute — Re-establishing the Magnificent Frigatebird
Breeding Colonies in the Florida Keys — $2,000;
* Author Alan Poole, towards publication costs for a new book about ospreys worldwide — $2,000;
* Fundacion Migres, for Supporting Measures for Re-introduction of Osprey in Spain — $1,500; and
* Ghana Wildlife Society for Research on the Current Population of Ospreys on and along the
Volta Lake, Ghana — $1,500.

The International Osprey Foundation has made the following research grants in 2014:
Philip M. Goppola
Department of Biology
University of West Florida
“Status of the Snail Kites’ exclusive diet of Apple Snails”

Francisca Helena Aguiar-Silva
Raptor Research Foundation
National Institute of Amazonian Research
“Harpy Eagle habitat use and range in Brazilian Amazon”

Avian Research and Conservation Institute
Gainesville, Florida
“Expand Reddish Egret research on habitat, forage,and movement from Florida Keys to Sanibel and adjacent coastal areas”

Research Grants 2011

·Sharon Matola, Belize, Central America: $500 to continue her project, “Belize Harpy Eagle Restoration Program.”

·CROW, Sanibel, Florida: $1,000 for “Repair and Maintenance of the Osprey Flight Cage.”

·Matthew Hanson, Boca Raton, Florida: $1,000 for his “Study of foraging ecology of Bald Eagles in Everglades National
·Alejandro V. Baladrón, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Funes, Argentina: $1,000 for his “Study of Breeding
success of the Burrowing Owl in natural and modified environments of the Flooding Pampas of Argentina.”

·Cathy Viverette, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA: $1,000 for her study “A comparative
Phylogeography and Landscape Genetic Analysis of Chesapeake Bay Bald Eagles and Osprey Populations.”

·Kathlene St. Clair-McGee, Clark Ford, Idaho: $1,000 to help sponsor the American Heritage Wildlife Foundation.

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